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Business Opportunity

Share the opportunity, give others the choice

"In 1996, over 20 years ago, there was only one household being cleaned with HYLA in the entire United States. There was only one Sales Representative, only one Distributor, only one Importer. The household, the Sales Representative, the Distributor, and the Importer were my wife Filiz & I.

Throughout the following two decades we built a nationwide network of independent HYLA Distributors and their Dealers, who help us on a daily basis to provide the best home cleaning system - the HYLA - to households across the United States.

We believe in our product and would like to provide all American homes with fresh air and a healthier life style. Our goal is to offer the same opportunity that my wife & I got in 1996. A bigger team is the only way to inform every American household about the benefit of the HYLA and provide them with a healthier life style.

If you share our vision and would like to become an integral member of our HYLA USA Team, submit the completed business opportunity request form below and someone, maybe even myself, will be in touch soon."

Hartmut Gassmann